Barry Manilow Net Worth 2024: Biodata, Early Life, Career, Social Media

Barry Manilow Net Worth 2024! Barry Manilow is an iconic American singer, songwriter, and pianist, has an outstanding net worth of $100 million. This fortune has been amassed over a decades-long career filled with chart-topping hits like “Mandy,” “I Write the Songs,” and “Copacabana (At the Copa).” Manilow success extends beyond his music, with ventures into producing, arranging, and even composing for musicals and films.


Full Name Barry Alan Pincus
Date of Birth June 17, 1943
Age 81 Years
Birth of Place Brooklyn, New York, US
Nationality American
Gender Male
  • Susan Deixler (m 1964; div. 1966)
  • Garry Kief (m. 2014)
  • Eastern District High School (now defunct)
  • City College of New York
  • New York College of Music
  • Juilliard School
Known For
  • Chart-topping hits: “Mandy,” “I Write the Songs,” “Copacabana (At the Copa)”
  • Grammy Award winner
  • Successful career spanning over five decades
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Arranger, Producer
Barry Manilow Net Worth 2024 $100 Million

Early Life

Barry Manilow, real name Barry Alan Pincus, was born on June 17, 1943, and is a celebrated American singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer. With a career spanning over seven decades, he has solidified his position as one of the most successful and beloved artists in the music industry. Manilow has been married to his manager, Garry Kief, since 2014. They have been together since the late 1970s and have kept their relationship private for many years.

Barry Manilow

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Manilow developed a passion for music at a young age. He began playing the accordion and piano, eventually studying at the prestigious Juilliard School and the New York College of Music. In the early stages of his career, he worked as a jingle writer and arranger, notably composing the iconic “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There” jingle.


Throughout his career, Manilow has released numerous successful albums, achieving platinum and multi-platinum status multiple times. His impact on popular music is undeniable, with a record of 51 Top 40 singles on the Adult Contemporary Chart and 13 reaching the number one spot.

Manilow musical journey began in the 1960s, playing piano bars and working as a commercial jingle writer. While he was gaining recognition for his musical arrangements for Bette Midler, it wasn’t until 1973 that he released his debut album. His second album, released in 1974, contained the mega-hit “Mandy,” which propelled him to international stardom. This breakthrough success marked the beginning of his financial ascent, as “Mandy” topped the charts and solidified his place in the music industry.

The commercial success of “Mandy” opened doors for Manilow, leading to a string of successful albums and tours. Songs like “Can’t Smile Without You” and “I Write the Songs” further solidified his status as a pop icon. These early hits not only earned him critical acclaim but also generated substantial income through album sales, concert tickets, and merchandise.

Chart-Topping Success and Iconic Songs

Throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, Manilow continued to dominate the charts. Albums like “Even Now” and “Barry” spawned numerous hit singles, including “Copacabana (At the Copa),” a song that became synonymous with his name. His music’s popularity translated into lucrative record deals, sold-out concerts, and licensing agreements for commercials and films.

The success of “Copacabana” was particularly significant. It became a timeless anthem, played at weddings and celebrations worldwide. The song’s enduring appeal has generated consistent royalties for Manilow over the decades, contributing significantly to his overall net worth. Additionally, the song’s popularity led to a successful stage musical adaptation, further diversifying his income streams.

Barry Manilow Net Worth 2024

Some sources like Celebrity Net Worth estimate Barry Manilow net worth to be $100 million. This impressive figure is a testament to his enduring career, which spans over five decades of musical success and shrewd financial decisions.

Barry Manilow Net Worth 2024

Primary Sources of Income

Barry Manilow net worth stems from various sources, including:

  • Album sales: With over 85 million records sold worldwide, Manilow is one of the best-selling music artists of all time. His albums, featuring hits like “Mandy,” “I Write the Songs,” and “Copacabana (At the Copa),” continue to generate revenue through sales and streaming.
  • Concerts and tours: Manilow live performances are renowned for their energy and showmanship. His concerts consistently sell out, bringing in substantial income from ticket sales and merchandise.
  • Royalties: As a prolific songwriter, Manilow earns royalties whenever his songs are played on the radio, used in films or television shows, or covered by other artists.
  • Theater productions: Manilow has composed music for several Broadway productions, including “Harmony” and “The Pirate Queen.” These shows have not only been critical successes but have also contributed to his financial success.
  • Other ventures: Manilow has also ventured into film, television, and commercials, further diversifying his income streams.

Overall, Barry Manilow net worth is a reflection of his immense talent and his enduring popularity as an entertainer.

Barry Manilow Social Media



1. How old is Barry Manilow?

As of 2024, making him 81 years old.

2. Who is Barry Manilow Wife?

Barry Manilow is married to Garry Kief, who has also been his manager since the late 1970s. The couple kept their relationship private for many years, only publicly acknowledging their marriage in 2014.

3. What are Barry Manilow biggest hits?

Barry Manilow has an extensive catalog of hit songs, but some of his most iconic and beloved tracks include:

  • Mandy
  • Copacabana (At the Copa)
  • Can’t Smile Without You
  • I Write the Songs
  • Looks Like We Made It

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